Located in northern Brazil, Manaus is the Amazon state capital and is the gateway to the Amazon, the largest tropical forest on the planet.

Visit Amazon is to have contact with an exuberant nature where everything is superlative: The size of the trees, the water volume of the rivers and the amount and diversity of animals and plants.

There you can take boat trips to explore the flora and fauna, visiting riverside communities or indigenous, see the famous “meeting of the waters” which is the merger of two rivers with different levels of speed, temperature and acidity that run side by side 6 km without mixing until they become the Amazon River, the largest river basin in the world. In addition to taste delicious cuisine and know this culture so authentic and interesting of our country.

Surely go to Manaus and know the Amazon is an unforgettable experience where you can feel the imposing of this forest and the relevance it has for the world that we all should uphold.

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